This is the part where I write stuff about myself that no one ever reads.

Hi, I'm Amanda, also known as Mysterier. I'm 19 years old and I live in Sweden. I write, draw, cry over video game characters, and obsess over historical figures.

I just bought two books from the ‘Emma’ series by Kaoru Mori on dischop, when I realized that they were both in german… 

I do not speak german.

And since they seem to be out of print and only available in new in either german (or strangely enough, finnish) where I’ve looked, does anyone know an online shop where you can buy them for a reasonable price?? I’ve checked amazon but I think it’s a bit too expensive, but if I can’t find them anywhere else I guess I have no choice.

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please help us


A few days ago my mother was on a trip 200 km from home and the car just broke down. It was pure luck it didn’t happen on the freeway because she would have probably been seriously injured then. But now our car is gone, being repaired in a city 3h away which is so fucking expensive. 
Even though she’s working her ass of every day we don’t even have 100€ to spare. Now the whole procedure is probably gonna cost 1k bucks. 1000€ we do not have at all, and even if she can get a special deal, getting the car here will easy cost another 100€. I can’t give her anything because my next paycheck will only arrive in 3 weeks and she’ll be deep in debts by then and I want to avoid that at all cost.

I’m not good with words and I hate asking for it but please, if you can, consider helping us out, it would mean the world to me; I don’t care if it’s 2 bucks or 10. And if you can’t, please reblog this so others might see. I’m so fucking desperate and I just don’t know how to help her otherwise. I’m already sorting out some of my Playstation games so I can sell them and I’m gonna ask my sister if we can also sell our PS Vita, but that’s about everything I can do.
I set up a donate button on my blog, it would mean the world to me. Unfortunately I don’t have any special talent and stopped drawing when I was about 12 so I can’t offer you a painting in exchange, but I could write a oneshot for you if you’d like that. Or learn how to gif, make icons, whatever you want and I’m able to do.

Please try to help us.